UK/Ukraine: Anti-Muslim attacks

The Muslim News brings several stories of attacks on Muslims:

Two Derby families say day trip to the picturesque Derbyshire village of Belpar was ruined by an Islamophobic attack.

Mohammed Khalifa, 37, and Nathalie Faustilio, 24, said the trip with their friends on May 18 went horribly wrong when Khalifa and his friend Hassan Sami, 21, left their wives and two young children alone in the River Garden in North Mill Bridgefoot to withdraw money.

Faustilio, an Italian Muslim convert, and English convert, Soria Hawata, 21, were subjected to an unprovoked and sustained Islamophobic attack which left Khalifa with broken ribs and both women in constant fear.

Speaking to The Muslim News Faustilio said trouble began when she and her friend were left alone by their husbands in the park. "When they went to get money from the ATM machines a man started screaming really foul things at us."

Faustilio insists the nasty verbal abuse was so motiveless she initially thought he was aiming the expletives at his dog, "He was swearing and saying really bad things. At first I thought he was aiming his abuse at the dog then I found out he was aiming it at me."

The hijab wearing ladies said they were told to remove their "Pakistani clothes". "He told me and Soria to get out of the country, his exact words were 'get the F@#ck out my country go back to Pakistan'. I told him I'm Italian and my friend was English and even if we weren't it was none of his business."



Kamran Mahmood, 33, had to have 20 stitches in his face after an attack which took place in Littleborough on May 10. Detectives have released pictures of Kamran's injuries in the hope they will encourage people to come forward and help trace the offenders.

On May 10 at 7.00pm Kamran parked his empty bus at a terminus on Drake Road. Three young men, two of whom were on bikes, then approached Kamran's window and started shouting racist abuse at him.

Kamran tried to close the window and ignore them, but the offenders opened it again and one of the three then threw a glass bottle through the open window, which hit Kamran in the face.

The force of the throw knocked out one of the Kamran's teeth, and caused a large gash across his lip that has had to be stitched back together.

His face has become badly swollen as a result of the attack and he is struggling to speak. After attacking him the three young men rode away. One of them, the one who threw the bottle, is described as a young white man, aged about 16, 5ft 6in tall, slim with short fair hair. He was wearing a white t-shirt at the time of the offence.



A Muslim graveyard was desecrated in the village of Chistenko, Crimea, Ukraine, last month.The attack took place at night outside the village where dozens of gravestones were defaced and broken.

Muslim Tatars found more than 40 gravestones damaged as well as graffiti on the walls of the cemetery written in Russian that read, 'Tartars, leave Crimea now!' when they visited the cemetery at night. Other drawings showed gibbets, and the Tartar national symbol with the letter X marked through it.

Head of the Crimean Muslims, Ablayev Haji Emirali, told The Muslim News, "Undoubtedly the acts of vandalism both in Nizhnegorskiy region and Chistenkoye are provocations which aim to cause a clash between Crimean Tatars and the Slavic population of Crimea. The ones who are responsible for these inhuman actions are expecting that Crimean Tatars will take retaliatory measures and destroy the gravestones in Christian cemeteries. But nothing like this happened. We have been continuously calling not to yield to these provocations."

He alleged that either the Russians - "who are interested in destabilizing the situation on the peninsula which would allow them to bring their troops into Crimea" - or the Ukranians, "who have shown indifference to the attacks in the past and now," were behind the attacks. In addition, he held that, "a conflict in Crimea can be the way of shifting the blame for the existing problems in the country on Crimean Tatars." Tensions between the Tartars, Russians and Ukrainians have been running high recently because the police are forcing Tartar squatters off land wanted by developers

Since the beginning of this year two Muslim cemeteries have been viciously vandalised in Crimea. More than 270 gravestones were destroyed in the Muslim cemetery of the Nizhnegorsky region in February. Police blamed the attacks on local school children. Crimea's police force is overwhelmingly Christian and Slavic and Tartar activists have accused police officers of anti-Islamic bias.



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