Bergen: Fired for being a Muslim

Gulay Tetik worked 15 months in a Christian kindergarten until she was fired for being a Muslim.

She says that they knew she was a Muslim the whole time, and her firing came as a shock.

Tetik doesn't use strong words against the Bergen Indermisjon kindergarten, but it's clear that she took it very hard that she had to leave the same day she was fired.

Tetik, who had immigrated from Turkey eight years ago, is fully supported by her former colleague Mona Blanco.

Blanco says it's horrible, a shame that they've fired her. She had quit earlier this week, saying it's too shameful to work for such an employee.

Tetik got a letter of recommendation, which leaves no doubt faith was the reason she was fired. Principal Åse Johannessen writes that Tetik has a delightful and calm nature, that she's very reliable, completes her duties, and is liked by everybody.

Due to a demand from the owner the kindergarten had to fire Gulay, due to the rules about personnel having to be Lutheran Christian.

According to the letter of recommendation, Tetik had worked full time since August of last year. From January till December she was paid by the community social service. From January she worked 40% as a temp, and 60% as a substitute on a daily basis.

Tetik says she never signed a contract. She worked as a temp for 40% of the time, and this was agreed upon orally, and renewed orally every month. According to the employment laws, employees are required to give all employees a written contract, also temps.

Tetik says she was told earlier in the year that she couldn't work as a permanent employee, since she was a Muslim and this was a Christian kindergarten, but that she could continue as a temp.

Her job consisted of watching the children, playing with them, making food, changing diapers etc. She says her faith has not prevented her from attending Christian gatherings, and she'd been in church before Christmas.

She says that she understood she will continue her job after the summer holiday. In April she was told to be back August 4th when the kindergarten reopens, but on May 7th she was fired.

She didn't get a dismissal notice, as required by law.

Both Tetik and Blanco say they were never informed they had to be members of the Church of Norway to work there.

Tetik says the principal called up another kindergarten and recommended her, and she now works there.

Blanco says that the kindergarten never has enough employees and now they fire one of the best they have. She says that if this is Christianity and loving your neighbor, she'll consider leaving the Church of Norway.

Source: BT (Norwegian)


Anonymous said...
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Esther said...

Tetik is Muslim. Blanco is Christian.

Anonymous said...

"She says that if this is Christianity and loving your neighbor, she'll consider leaving the Church of Norway."

...another drama queen. yawn.

If the kindergarten has identified itself as a Christian kindergarten, then the kindergarten is within it its rights to hire those who support its mission statement, parents should have the option to send their children to such kindergartens if they so desire, and the general public should demand truth in advertising.