EU: Operation Baghdad

Police forces in ten European countries arrested 75 people Monday morning on suspicion of people-smuggling, reported Sveriges Radio.

1,300 policemen participated in the operation, the largest ever in Europe. It was planned for two years and led by Europol.

27 people were arrested in France, and arrests were also made in Germany, Greece, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

According to Europol, they are suspected of having smuggled Iraqi Kurds, Iranians, Chinese and Afghans into the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Many of those arrested belong to an Iraqi network.

Thousands of people are smuggled into the EU every year, often in caravans, by buses or boat. It's not uncommon to pay up to 100,000 kroner for such a trip.

The suspects risk ten years in prison and large fines.

Source: Nettavisen (Norwegian)

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