Netherlands/Belgium: Preparing for the big game

Towns across the Netherlands are preparing for the big Germany-Turkey semifinals game by putting up large screens for the Turkish fans.

In Amsterdam West the municipality will be closing off the Surinameplein and setting up a 18 sqm screen. The square is right next to the Mercatorplein where Turkish fans had celebrated after their team victories in the past few weeks.

Turkish Dutch in Eindhoven can watch the game from the parking area near XXL Woensel. The municipality expects 4,000-5,000 people.

In Tilburg there will be a large screen next to the Willem II stadium. About 2,000 had seen Turkey's previous victory there. Organizer Ali Yenice expects double the number tonight. Mayor Ruud Vreeman is also expected to come.

Meanwhile, in Belgium several municipalities have held talks with the Turkish community, to keep down victory festivities.

After the last time Turkey won, some Turks had celebrated all night, engendering many complaints. In Sint-Niklaas people may toot their horn only until midnight, in Ghent until 1am. There will also be a strict(er) attitude towards cars driving in groups and breaking traffic regulations.

Sources: AD, HLN (Dutch)

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