UK: Army to offer halal rations

For decades, they have been as much a part of Army life as square-bashing and polishing boots - and they have been just as popular.

But now the 24-hour ration packs for troops in the field are to be given a tasty makeover aimed at beating 'menu fatigue'.

Twenty new menus double the options for troops, as well as ensuring for the first time that those serving in extreme temperatures will have food designed to meet their specific needs.

That means pasta pouches that can be eaten cold, and flapjacks and energy bars instead of chocolate (it melts too easily).


Yesterday the Ministry of Defence revealed the 20 menus, plus six each of Sikh, Hindu, vegetarian and halal, which should be ready for the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan next year.


Source: Daily Mail (English)


Tuan Jim said...

Wow. 20 new ones (no surprise) + 6 *EACH* for Hindu, Sikh, Vegetarian and Halal!!!

In the US Army, you've got 24 standards (2 separate boxes of 12) - some of them are newer than others - a few new meals in the last couple of years - and of 24, I think 4 or 5 are vegetarian. I don't think you'd ever have any luck with halal (or even kosher) MRE's -- too much trouble and money just designing and packaging the ones they've already got. I could be wrong but I've only ever seen the same set meals wherever I've gone.

Anonymous said...

The kids today have it made. When I was in the service in the early 1960's, and in the field, we had C-Rats which had 1940's dates on them.

I remember opening the cans with the trusty "P-38" and lighting "heat-tabs" under a can supported by a couple of (empty) M-1 clips.

My favorite was beans & Franks; aka Beans & Mother-F**kers!

Anonymous said...

Halal meat should be banned by every free-world nation. It's beyond inhumane slitting the throats of un-anaesthetized animals. Decent people anaesthetize the animals and kill them painlessly by clocking them on the head. In halal slaughter they live for several minutes after their throats are slit since they don't cut the spinal cord. If it were banned outright on the grounds of animal cruelty by the US, Canada, and the EU, no company would lose a dime over it. They just need to introduce legislation and make it a concerted effort. Thank God I'm a vegetarian. I hope they all die of mad cow disease.

Daphne said...

It is banned. Officially. Slitting an animal's throat and letting it in agony is against the law in all european countries but the weak kneed countries make an exception for Islam and allow muslims to cut the throat of all animals and let themn bleed to death in agony.