Switzerland: Violence is almost equally split between Swiss and foreigners

The problem with such statistics is that foreigners don't make up half of the Swiss population. There are 21% foreigners in Switzerland.



The report also wades into the thorny issue of foreigners and violence. In the days following Damiano's death, xenophobia raised its head in Ticino after it became clear that all three perpetrators had foreign origins.

The killing prompted a plea by Damiano's family for people to stop "fomenting racism".

"At the moment, there are no clear and documented relations between ethnic origin and violent behaviour," stated the report.

According to police statistics, violence is almost equally split between Swiss and foreigners. It is most common in male youths between the ages of 13 and 20. They often reoffend, have hot tempers but show emotional coldness, it was found.

Youths today, the study says, need to be taught how to deal with moods and feelings.

The task force has drawn up around 30 measures to tackle youth violence, including restricting the sale of alcohol and improving support for young people.


Source: SwissInfo (English)


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