Boycotting the Associated Press

Not that I have much choice, it seems, as I usually quote articles verbatim. If the AP doesn't want me to quote its articles, I won't.

Boycotting the Associated Press, at LGF.


Dag said...

My guess is that someone in accounting looked at a blog and tallied up the number of man hours involved in the production of the AP copy and thought: "Theft of service and property!" This myopic vision of business is typical of large corporations. Better that we all just passover AP copy and live with the multitude of others who understand that information is only information if its shared.

I often use verbatim copy, not because I can't paraphrase someone else's work but because someone else put in time and energy to create it, and they deserve recognition for that time and effort, whether good or bad; and to ignore that credit, that recognition, is truly theft, in my opinion.

I'm almost entirely guilty of not giving photo and graphic creators credit when I post their excellent work, and the reason is that I keep things for days, sometimes even for years waiting for the right place to put everything in place, and by then I've lost the link to the creator. The problem with the computer is that I don't have hard copies to scribble on for later reference. So far I haven't had any visual artists complain that the world sees their work, credited or not. Nor do I complain when other grab my copy just because.

When it comes to graphic work I use not according to my abilities but according to my needs. So far the only one who has complained was a Communist. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing your true colours by linking to LGF.


Esther said...

Hi anonymous,

thanks for evoking memories. now to get that song out of my head..

Anonymous said...

Hi Ether:

Evidently, you are not the only one.

Marie-Luise (Germany)