Denmark: New site against virginity operations

Denmark: New site against virginity operations

Muslim girls who had premarital sex often have an operation so it looks like their hymen is intact.  They are namely afraid of being outcast by their family.  But it can't be right that women's fears brings them to the operating table, thinks nurse and social worker Kristine Abu-Khader Aamand, who today started a site about hymen operations.

When the doctors make the girls virgin again, they go in and sew the vagina with a couple of stitches, so the man feels resistance during sex, and the operation is what some Muslim girls do.

"Because they believe that if they don't bleed on the sheet on the wedding night, it can cause them frightful consequences," says Kristine Abu-Khader Aamand, whose site gives Muslim girls the dry facts and tears down the myths.

"The it's completely common not to bleed on the first sexual encounter, that men can't notice the difference, and that one can't be exposed of having premarital sex through it," she tells DR Nyheder.

And she hopes that the truth will be good for the girls.  "So they don't feel so pressured to have an operation, and so they won't go around with the guilt and shame," she says.

Kristine Abu-Khader Aamand knows that when the girls find out that it's difficult to discover whether they've had premarital sex, many will keep it secret from their family.  But later they might hopefully feel strong enough to fight for the right to decide over their own lives, she says.

"One can't take up any big struggle before one has the additional energy for it. And if one's energy goes towards dealing with guilt, shame and fear, once doesn't have the additional energy to take up any debate," says Kristine Abu-Khader Aamand.

Source: DR (Danish)

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