Trondheim: Hijab debate leading to anti-Muslim campaign

Trondheim: Hijab debate leading to anti-Muslim campaign

The heated hijab debate is now hurting Muslim women and children, says the Muslim Society in Trondheim, Norway.

In Trondheim Muslim women are experiencing negative attention to an increasing degree from the Norwegian opinion.  The head of the Muslim Society in Trondheim, Jorunn Jasmin Oksvold, feels subjected to a campaign against Muslims.

According to newspaper Adressavisen a women was attacked out in the street by a man who tried to take off her hijab.  The shocked daughter (15) witnessed it all.

"We went in the direction of Trondehim square and I noticed that a man followed us.  He was drunk and carried a bottle of alcohol, and tried to frighten my little sister (8) by making funny faces.  At Macdon'als and he came forward and tried to take off the hijab of my mother," the 15 year old told

There were several people who stood and observed the commotion, but nobody came to rescue the frightened woman.  On the contrary.  A woman who knew the attacker began to jeer at the daughter when she tried to help her mother.  At that time, some of the mother's hair showed, writes Nettavisen.

Especially after Frp's statements about sneak-Islamization they've noticed a significant change.

"The hijab issue became a very big issue, and it's clearly something that engages [people].  We feel that we as a group are stigmatized, and see serious tendencies in the form of attack against Muslims," says Oksvold.

In the afternoon there's a march from the mosque in Trondheim to the municipality, where the Muslim Society will deliver an appeal to the mayor and county governor.

The march was expected to start at 2:30 and the appeal to be delivered at 3pm.

They think Trondehim should become a leading municipality in bettering the conditions for Muslim women.

Source: TV2 (Norwegian)

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